How to Stay Sane as a Parent at Home during COVID-19

by | Mar 26, 2020

I don’t even know where to start, except that I am two weeks in to isolation and I am starting to feel the effects. I think others may have felt it sooner and some are going to feel it later, but at some point us parents will all have felt some sanity be lost. So what am I doing to keep myself going day in and day out while working, managing two young kids (5 and 2), and having my husband work from home too???

Coordinate schedules:

I talk with my husband each morning to figure out when we have meetings. We then coordinate who is taking what shift with the boys. This has helped manage frustration and anxiety as we navigate working remotely from home with kids.

Schedule meal times:

If anyone has kids that are hungry all the time like my two growing boys, you will know how necessary this is:) My boys know when breakfast, lunch, and dinner are and also their two snacks during the day. Without this I would hear “mom, I am hungry” about 2000 times instead of 500.

Get outside:

I am having a hard time making boundaries for when I work and when I don’t because everything is at home now. I am making it a point to get outside once a day at the least to talk a brief walk.

Treat yourself:

These days are hard and tiring and there has been nothing to compare them to…not even summer break (at least things are open in the summer!). So take some you time everyday and make it a point to schedule it in. My sanity is steadily declining about everyday around 4pm, so I make sure to take at least 5 minutes for me.

Stay healthy!